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02 мая 2020

Газетная хроника в переводах студентов – январь 1942

Совместно с Институтом иностранных языков СГУ им. Питирима Сорокина продолжаем представлять переводы военной газетной хроники на английский язык, сделанные студентами 5 курса на основе материалов библиотечного проекта «Хронограф» и Национальной электронной библиотеки Республики Коми.

Горжусь молодым поколением

«За новый Север», 18 января 1942 г.

Перевод текста: Кира Батхиева, Христина Чисталева

Correspondence Between Citizens in the Rear and Front-line Soldiers

To Director, Syktyvkar School No.1

These lines are written to you by a soldier who has been wounded three times in the battles for our country. You do not know me and I may never meet you in my life, but I am still writing to you, because I was overwhelmed by one letter. The other day, in the ranks of the Red Army, I met A. N. Turkin, a citizen of Syktyvkar. He gave me a letter from his 4th grade daughter, Lydia, from your school. These lines are truly overwhelming. The child's words express a boundless hatred for our worst enemy – fascism, and a flaming love for our Motherland. You, the workers of the pedagogical front, have nurtured these noble feelings in the child. These are the fruits of your work. I appreciate the work of all the teachers because of this letter. Such results of your work are an invaluable support to us, the soldiers, commanders and political workers who are directly engaged in the deadly struggle with Hitler's thugs. You need to raise our young Soviet generation as miracle heroes, worthy heirs of Chkalov and Gastello. You need to arm them with the knowledge of human cultural wisdom. Let their children’s hearts burn with a deadly hatred for German beasts. 

The enemy's advance has been suspended at all sections of the front. Our troops are launching counterattacks. The hour is at hand when we will tear off the heads of the praised German war-dogs. You will also have credit in the victory that we will ensure. They will also say about you in the future that you were the heroes of the great patriotic war.

Political instructor S. BABYSHIN

Вдали от фронта

Dear Comrade Babyshin,

The day we received your letter was a great day not only for the 4th grade pupils, but also for the entire school. The fact that the living word of a Soviet teacher helps you in the fight against the enemies is the highest assessment of our modest work. We, Soviet people, love our Homeland and its defenders, who, without sparing their health and life, defend our common happiness. In Syktyvkar, far from the front, we follow carefully your front-line life and eagerly catch every news about our soldiers’ valorous exploits. We know their names, we are proud of them, and in our hearts there is a fervent desire to do something to help our Motherland in its great holy struggle. We deeply believe in a near and final victory over Hitler's hordes, in the triumph of our just cause. With exceptional enthusiasm we are helping our great Motherland. The students are fighting for excellent school performance. We help the families of those who have gone to the front, and we do the work that we can do. We work together and so that it is not embarrassing to look into the eyes of those who will return from the front after the victory.

 This letter is written to you on behalf of the students of the 4th grade by their classroom teacher. I express the feelings and thoughts of the entire school team, all the teachers and students. If students make a promise to study so as to become citizens of a great country, whose name is the USSR, the teachers and school administration pledge to help them in this cause, and in the days of hard trials fallen to our destiny, we will firmly follow the same path with our heroic fighters – through labor, struggle and victories.

 We send you the wish of a speedy recovery from the entire school staff  so that you will be able to return to the front again. Thank you sincerely for the fact that in your military affairs you remember about the school, its students and our modest work. 

May our great country, strong in its heroes, a country of truth and happiness, live forever.

Classroom teacher of the 4th grade

L.I. Latkina

Syktyvkar School No.1

Оригинал: "За новый Север", 18 января 1942 г.
Оригинал: "За новый Север", 18 января 1942 г.


Совместный проект СГУ им. Питирима Сорокина и Национальной библиотеки Республики Коми по переводу военной газетной хроники на английский язык посвящен 75-й годовщине Победы в ВОВ 1941-1945 гг.

Работы студентов будут публиковаться ежедневно с 1 по 9 мая 2020 г.

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Горжусь молодым поколением
Correspondence Between Citizens in the Rear and Front-line Soldiers
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