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07 мая 2020

Газетная хроника в переводах студентов – октябрь 1942

Представленные ниже переводы военной газетной хроники на английский язык выполнены студентами-выпускниками Института иностранных языков СГУ им. Питирима Сорокина в рамках совместного проекта с Национальной библиотекой Республики Коми в феврале-апреле 2020 г. Проект посвящен 75-летней годовщине Победы в Великой Отечественной войне 1941-1945 гг.

Статьи взяты из газет, выходивших в Коми АССР в октябре 1942 г. Местная пресса наполнена патриотической риторикой того времени и выражает единство нации и желание победить.

Работая - изучайте военное дело

"За новый Север", 1 октября 1942 г.

Перевод текста: Наталия Голосова

Kirill Lobanov was a rifleman. His weapon was a rifle. He took care of it lovingly and, when the situation required, used it skillfully. More than one Nazi beast fell down after Lobanov’s well-aimed shots. In spite of this, he was always envious of his fellow machine-gunners. His cherished dream was to become a machine-gun fighter; that is why he looked so attentively at Maxim and studied all the nuances of the interaction of its parts. He often regretted that in peaceful time he did not study a machine-gun in his free time being a worker at Syktyvkar lumber mill.  Therefore, Lobanov was making up for his lost opportunities.

Once an incident occurred. During a battle, the machine-gunner was badly wounded. His machine gun was silent, but its fire was essential to cover the evacuation of wounded soldiers. Taking the machine gun from his comrade’s hands, Lobanov decided to silence the Germans. He put his knowledge into practice. Each minute the machine gun was shooting more and more confidently, destroying the invaders one by one. He was avenging the wounded comrades and the Soviet land which was disfigured and mutilated by the Germans. Since that day his machine gun has become part of his life; it has become his friend and made him an excellent machine-gunner.

Comrade Lobanov is going to write a letter to his homeland, to Syktyvkar, and tell his comrades and students of the General Military Education who stayed behind the front lines in the Komi Republic. He urged them to combine Stakhanovite work in production and institutions with persistent mastering of military knowledge in order to be prepared for the first call of the Party and the government to stand in the ranks of the heroic Red Army and to skillfully destroy Nazi beasts and purify the sacred Soviet land from the German filth.

Reported by political commissar Ulyanov.

Оригинал: "За новый Север", 1 октября 1942 г.
Оригинал: "За новый Север", 1 октября 1942 г.

Гвардеец Дмитрий Курочкин

"За новый Север", 4 октября 1942 г.

Перевод текста: Алина Нестерова

Before the war, Dmitry Kurochkin worked as a lumberman in the Ust-Nem logging unit, the Ust-Kulom district. Now he is in the Guards Service. He had to participate in many deadly battles. Comrade Kurochkin has shown unlimited devotion to his Motherland as well as his iron resistance. As a rule, he fights to the last bullet of a machine-gun belt, encouraging the rest of the fighters by his stamina and hatred of the enemy.

In one of the battles, Comrade Kurochkin captured a Finnish machine gun and now uses it to fight the invaders. In one of the battles, Comrade Kurochkin beat off 7 enemy attacks with his captured machine gun and destroyed about 50 Nazis.

For courage in battle, valor in his work, Comrade Kurochkin has been more than once noted by his military commanders. Now Comrade Kurochkin is preparing to join the ranks of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks. Dmitry Kurochkin is dearly loved by his companions-in-arms, the guardsmen. The commanders and political workers of the unit are proud of him. His wife, his children, and the Komi people can take pride in such a warrior.

Reported by E. Gardin,

Batallion Commissar.

Оригинал: "За новый Север", 4 октября 1942 г.
Оригинал: "За новый Север", 4 октября 1942 г.


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    Работая - изучайте военное дело
    Гвардеец Дмитрий Курочкин
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