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The Day of Norway in Komi


On December 17 at the Komi National library there was organized the Day of Norway which  gave start to a festival - marathon "Literary Norway on the Komi Land". The festival –  marathon "Literary Norway on the  Komi Land" is dated to the Russian-Norwegian Cultural forum which will take place in 2014. 

The palette of actions of the Day was rich and various. 

The Day of Norway was opened with a literature exhibition "Norway-Komi: fish as inspiration", devoted to one of values of  Norwegian waters and transparent rivers of the Komi Republic - fish. At the exhibition the books of  Russian and foreign publishing houses on culture and traditions of  Norway and Komi people were exhibited. Visitors of the exhibition learned about legends connected with fish, l got acquainted with recipes of preparation of fish dishes and l saw remarkable illustrations in albums. The thematic art and composition "Fish with the Norwegian accent" was made by pupils of the studio “Raduzhka” and was an excellent addition to the exhibition. 

Video installation "The Norwegian saga" was transferred to readers and gave information on  the state system,  life, traditions  and works of a well-known Norwegian composer Edward Grieg. 

The Day of Norway was continued by a meeting - interview "Get acquainted with Norway".It was a Norway guide, made on impressions of heroes who at different times visited the country. At the  meeting the readers had opportunity to learn a lot of interesting things about the capital of Oslo, students of the Tromso university,  music,  surprising nature,  magnificent fjords and secrets of ethnic cuisine. 

Young guests of the library were engaged in the fascinating game -  geokeshing "Discover Norway for youselves". 

At the end of the  Day there was organized the musically - art salon " ART - Norway: from Grieg to "Krik", devoted to anniversaries of two great Norwegians:  composer Edward Grieg and  artist –  expressionist Edward Munch.

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