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Presentation of a new biobibliographic index "Komi language in literary translations"


On April 17  in the Komi National library there was organized the presentation of a new biobibliographic index "Komi language in literary translations"

The project was conceived in 2010, and its purpose was creation of the systematized edition about translations of the Komi  literature works into world languages, and also  transfers of the best works of  Russian and world literature into Komi.

The history of literary works of Komi writers has deep roots. The poem of the founder of Komi  literature Ivan Kuratov was issued in 1908 in  Helsinki and became one of the first revealed transfers from Komi into a foreign language.

Intensive transfers of  Komi  literature began from 20th years of the XX century. At this time Komi works were mostly transferred into Tatar, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Georgian, etc. languages. Verses of the National Komi poet  S. Popov were not only  issued on pages of various all-Union magazines, collections, but also were published as a separate book in Ukrainian.

The situation with translations cardinally changed after disintegration of the USSR. From now  works of our fellow countrymen writers were translated and printed in Finno-Ugric regions and  countries. Verses of the National Komi poet  A.Vaneev were translated into 12 foreign languages. But Komi female lyrics in the Komi language became the most popular. G. Butyreva, A.Elfimova, A.Eltsova, N. Obrezkova's poems were translated and published in the West as separate books. E.Gabova's stories  became very popular in Japan. Komi  literary works are printed in Norway, France and other countries.

At presentation one could hear literary works of Komi writers in  Belarusian, Ukrainian, Finnish, Chuvash languages, popular songs of  Russian authors translated into Komi.

Well-known Komi writers G. V. Butyreva, E.V. Gabova, E.V. Kozlova, N.A.Obrezkova took part in the presentation.

The exhibition  acquainted the readers with the brightest translated Komi editions .

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