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"I was fantastically lucky all my life! "


4 апреля в 15.00 в Национальной библиотеке Республики Коми пройдет вечер-портрет «Всю жизнь мне сказочно везло!», приуроченный к 70-летнему юбилею писателя Петра Митрофановича Столповского.

On April 4 at 15.00 in National library of the Komi Republic there was organised  the portrait party "I was fantastically lucky all my life! ", dated for 70-year anniversary of the writer Peter Mitrofanovich Stolpovsky.

On April 10, 2013 the well-known komi writer and  translator,  Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of Culture of the Komi Republic of P.M. Stolpovsky will celebrate his 70 th day of  birth.

Peter Stolpovsky is the author of 20 prose books. His books gained reader's recognition/ among them : "About Kesha - the ordinary prince" (1980), "Give kindness to his heart" (1982), "The road of steel color" (1984), "Widow’s treasure" (1986), "Defender" (1988), "Saboteurs" (1990) and many others. Besides  literary works, the writer works also at translations of  Komi  folklore. His collections "Komi National Fairy Tales" (1996), "Three arrows" (1998), "Sun brothers" (2007), "Kind word" (2008) are very popular.

Children stories are popular among adults "Stories for children about  history of Komi" (2008), written in  co-authorship with a prominent scientist Igor Zherebtsov. Many little-known historic facts about one of the most original villages of Komi - Ust-Tsilma - are reflected in his book "There  is a Russian Spirit" (2010). His editions differ with Christian moral and love for his country. Many heroes of the writer are taken from life.

At the evening party Peter Mitrofanovich opened secrets of his private life and creative activitie, spoke about significant meetings and  people he met with,  shared  emotional  impressions.

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