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«Memory is stronger than time»: returned names of the Russian- German settlers


The party "Memory is stronger than time:  returned names of the Russian- German settlers"

Will be organized on April 10 at 16.00 in the reading hall of the Komi National library. Presentation of the 2-d part of the 10-th  volume of the passional "Repentance" devoted to memory of German settlers in the Komi Republic during World War II.

In the program speeches of:

- Chairman of the board “Pokayaniye fund” Mikhail Borisovich Rogachyov;

- Pastor of the Evangelic and Lutheran community of  Syktyvkar Andrey Ivanovich Tashak;

- Doctor of Economics, professor, Honoured worker of the Komi Republic Victor Vilgelmovich Fauzer;

- Chairman of the German Society in Syktyvkar Elena Ottovna Vakhrusheva, etc.

The exhibition on the returned names of the Russian German settlers, books on  Russian Germans published in Russia and abroad will be presented at the party.

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