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Day of Norwegian cuisine.


In the Komi National library within a festival - marathon "Literary Norway on the  Komi Land", dated to the V Russian-Norwegian Cultural forum, there was organized a Day of  Norwegian cuisine.

The Day began with tasting action "Dinner is served! " based on T. Robertsen's book "Stories from Vardo". Visitors of the library learned not only about traditional fish and meat dishes of  Norway, but also about desserts and national drinks of the northern kingdom.

The review "Favourite dishes of  well-known people of Norway", was devoted to culinary addictions of known persons of Norway, and also history and features of Norwegian cuisine. Guests of the library learned about dishes of the royal family, listened to unusual culinary stories and legends of desserts.

Also in the program of Day of  Norwegian cuisine there was a geokeching "Discover for  Norway for yourself" during which young guests of the library were able to make fascinating "travels" over the northern country. The media- cruise "Norway or "The Road to the North": literary travels"  allowed the visitors to learn about life, traditions, nature, history and literature of the northern kingdom.

The Day of  Norwegian cuisine was finished with the musically - art salon " ART - Norway: from Grieg to the "Screem", devoted to anniversaries of two great Norwegians: Edward Grieg and Edward Munch.

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